4 reasons why Photoshop is the best design software

Photoshop is used by all designers today. It was originally created as a tool for photographers to edit and manage photos. But with a wide array of tools, Photoshop is able to do much more than that today. Here are some of the reasons why Photoshop is the best design software.

You can create different graphic design projects

With Photoshop, you can create a greeting card, a poster, a business card, etc. The software has a number of creative tools that you can use to come up with a great design. You can let your creativity flow with Photoshop.

You can artistically combine graphics with text

In graphic designing, it is essential for text and images to work together. Using Photoshop you can combine text and image and make them look artistic and attractive. You can give different effects like drop shadows, strokes, emboss and bevel. The images can look better by adjusting the contrasts, brightness, exposure, etc.

You can make art works using brushes

There are so many Photoshop brushes that you can choose from. This provides a special effect to your photo or layout. Brushes can bring your design to the next level if you know how and when to use it.

You can transform pictures artistically

With Photoshop, you can transform pictures into charcoal drawing, watercolor art and many more. You can make it like a photocopied work or a stained glass art.

Photoshop helps graphic designers to be creative and do their works easily. The software provides lots of options which add new dimensions to the works of a graphic designer.


GIMP – is it a good alternative to Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is the market leader for image editing, photo retouching, or even creating new images from scratch. However, for many people, Photoshop features too many features that are difficult to go through and also costs a lot. It is sometimes complicated to use as well. So, many people are now looking for alternatives to Photoshop.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is available now in platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a free and open-source alternative to Photoshop. GIMP provides a number of toolset that are similar to Photoshop in various ways. It is a very good alternative if you are looking for a free image editor. The interface is a little different from Photoshop. But there is a special version of GIMP that resembles Photoshop’s look and feel. This makes it easier to migrate to GIMP if you have been using Photoshop.

It has every kind of tool you are familiar with. The tools are very easy to reach. Tools include painting tools, color correction, cloning, enhancement, selection, etc. The software is extremely compatible. So, you can works with all the popular file formats. There is also a built-in file manager.GIMP has a completely modular and customizable interface, so you can keep the tools you use most often in the front and center. It features image correction options that make photo manipulation and retouching much easier.

Overall, GIMP is a good alternative if you have limited budget or you are thinking of moving away from Photoshop for some reasons.