A great example of a well thought-out Infographic

If you’re a Graphic Designer working in the marketing industry, you’ll probably know by now what an infographic is, and how effective they can be when used during a campaign. Here is one that I designed, where you can Look What’s Cool when it comes to buying things/gifts for men. As you can see, the layout is simple for the reader, the colours are contrasting making it stand out, and the text is short and sweet in-order to keep the reader’s attention.

3 most common graphic design work done for companies

Graphic design is essential for every business. It can make you stand out from your competitors. Here are some common graphic design works that companies now demand.



A logo is necessary for creating a brand image. Logo design is one of the most common works of graphic design. Graphic designers can create unique logos for businesses of all sizes. Logos tell a lot of things about a business; it tells about their objective and their value. A good logo can create a perfect image of the company to a customer’s mind. A good logo design is the face of a business. Though a graphic design agency , it is possible to create a distinctive and lasting image and message for the customers.



Graphic designers are able to create responsive website designs like this one that are easy to use. Companies can have unique websites to attract prospective clients. Online presence is now very important for any business. If the website design is good, then more people will visit the site and so chances of getting more customers.



Graphic designers can make your flyers, brochures, banners, exhibition displays, of which you can get printed banners at MPB. They can even make ads for you to be published in newspapers or magazines. Graphic designers have connection with good printing houses which helps them to turn their designs into a printable format. Graphic designers are creative people. The have many unique ideas to reflect a positive image of your business on these printed materials.

The volume of graphic designing work in companies is increasing. Images are better than texts as images have a better appeal. Images or designs produced by graphic designers can attract more customers to your business.